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ClassX LiveBoard LE

LiveBoard LE

The best cost effective graphics playout. Great capabilities and brilliant features squeezed into a small price.

ClassX LiveBoard LE

Exceptional power within a clean interface.

LiveBoard LE welcomes you with a friendly interface: each setting is easily accessible. Everything you do is lightning fast. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

Open, without limits.

Manage your graphics on infinite levels and create new layouts including audio or video clips and graphics in the most popular formats, including QT, AVI, MPEG.

ClassX LiveBoard LE

Get your data from everywhere.

Connect your graphic objects such as texts, videos and pictures to a lot of different DataSources. XLS, XML, RSS, CSV, TXT, SQL, SMS, Facebook and Twitter, all included by default.

Great features for your channel branding

Create the smoothest crawls with colorful images, videos and RSS/HTML texts. Apply effects on plugins, use the MediaPlayer with MarkIn/MarkOut. This and much more. More informations here .

ClassX LiveBoard LE

Effects for each Plugin. Amazing!

Imagine you can apply to StyledTicker the special motion effects. Set Duration, Fade, Interpolation and change position, scale and rotation in a millisecond. Discover the many presets ready to use, don't worry. Discover all plugins here

ClassX LiveBoard LE

StyledTicker: wonderful results.

Images, HTML text, multi-color, multi-font, video. This and much more, you were waiting for. Discover the new StyledTicker, powerful, versatile, ready for the next RSS. Stocks, Weather, much new informations for your TV, you can't live without it.

ClassX LiveBoard LE

ScreenCapture, well done.

A call from Skype ©, an web page, your desktop or work environment: with the new object ScreenCapture, what you see on your PC is onair. Use live video sources like YouTube, as textures for your 3D objects. Youtube Video

ClassX LiveBoard LE

OEM version with TCP/IP protocol available.

Discover LiveBoard SCG: thanks to a simple TCP/IP remote protocol, any video playout system or even the most advanced NCS can be integrated in a matter of hours. The SDK is here. Free. Create your unique style. It's a great way for the audience to become familiar with your channel. Channel branding has never been so comfortable and powerful. LiveBoard SCG

ClassX LiveBoard LE

SGL: Maxium performance, always.

Take advantage from your hardware with both 32 and 64-bit OSes by running parallel on multiple cores. Multithreading and multi-processor software architectures are the building blocks of all ClassX applications. OpenGL is the standard we adopted for graphics handling. This ensures unparalleled, unbeatable rendering speeds while producing top visual results. Discover our efforts into developing with the most recent and productive technologies that are currently available. You can see it.

Supported Video cards

Brand Model Recommended Driver
BlackMagic DeckLink Studio / 2 BlackMagic Driver: 7.9.5 o 9.8
BlackMagic DeckLink HD Extreme 3D BlackMagic Driver: 9.8
BlackMagic DeckLink 4K Extreme BlackMagic Driver: 9.8
BlackMagic DeckLink Quad BlackMagic Driver: 9.8
BlackMagic DeckLink Pro BlackMagic Driver: 7.9.5
BlueFish444 SD Greed/Epoch SuperNova 4K BlueFish Driver
Dayang RedBridge II/III RedBridge IIRedBridge III
Matrox DSX/X.mio DSX 7.5 SP2 - DSX 9.1
AJA Kona 3G/Corvid 22/Corvid 24 Aja Driver
Newtek Tricaster  

Supported VGA cards

Brand Model Recommended Driver
NVidia Any model NVidia Nvidia Driver

System Requirements

Hardware/Software Minimum Recommended
Operative System Windows XP SP3 Windows 7 Professional SP1
Architecture x32 for SD needs x64 for HD needs
VGA NVidia DDR3 1GB NVidia DDR5 1GB

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TV Show: game shows, interviews, reality shows and tv programs.
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Information: TG and Information programs.
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Childrens: programs and cartoons for kids.
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Sport: all sport programs
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Music: all music show.
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Documentaries: all kinds of documentaries.
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Specials: varius music and information show.
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