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NewTek 3Play 3P1

NewTek 3Play 3P1

The “Big 3” reasons you want 3Play® 3P1:

Native IP

NDI® inputs, outputs, and powerful internal processing for end-to-end IP workflows, along with SDI I/O for hybrid environments.

Feature Rich

Supports dual-channel, first replay telestration with transport control, 1080p60 operation, LivePanel™ control, and more.


No other modern replay system offers so much production power for the price.

3Play 3P1 is the most cost-effective, easy-to-use, and powerful IP replay solution in the world.

  • 3G SDI, hybrid, and end-to-end IP connectivity
  • Support for up to 4 external inputs and 2 outputs - SDI or NDI
  • 4 multi-viewer outputs
  • Synchronized, continuous, full-resolution capture
  • Record and playback simultaneously
  • Preview all angles simultaneously while recording and playing back video
  • Show all angles of recording synced on output
  • Build playlists with full transitions, audio, sound effects, and stinger animations
  • Per output overlays with positioning and transitions
  • Integrated dual-channel telestration with remote transport control
  • LivePanel option to build browser-based user interfaces and workflows
  • Multi-purpose video server with clip preview
  • Real-time social media export or transcode files for immediate delivery
  • Import external video, audio, and stills in common formats
  • Intuitive asset management and tagging system
  • Automation with custom macro commands
  • Support for MIDI, GPI, AMP protocol, and much more…

Dual-Channel First Replay Telestration

Enlighten and entertain audiences, enhancing play-by-play and analysis with live telestration—right from the first replay. With the included NDI® Telestrator Pro technology, you can annotate on screen and roll immediate replays over the network from any compatible networked PC or touchscreen device.

External PC or touchscreen device with Microsoft® Windows 7 operating system (OS) or better required.

  • Work with a variety of professional paint and shape tools
  • Add telestration to your production with a single Ethernet cable
  • Draw and diagram over either or both 3Play 3P1 output channels
  • Import and place custom logos, branding, and graphics
  • Perform remote clip playback with responsive transport controls

IP and SDI production

3Play 3P1 is a team player—no matter what equipment makes up your production infrastructure. From its natural chemistry with NewTek IP Series and TriCaster® TC1 production systems; to its native integration of NDI®, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, and connection to the most prolific IP-based workflow in the industry; to its compatibility with conventional gear running baseband 3G-SDI or HD-SDI video with embedded or analog audio—3Play 3P1 has a championship-level connection with any workflow.

LivePanelTM Compatibility

NewTek 3Play 3P1 natively supports control from the browser of any compatible networked device via NewTek LivePanelTM. Available as an optional purchase for 3Play 3P1, LivePanel includes a touchscreen-friendly software control panel and LivePanel Builder for custom user interfaces, with premium customization services also available through NewTek ProServ.

Intuitive Asset Management

Exercise your clock management skills as you save valuable time logging, organizing, and retrieving content. From tagging events and clips with detailed metadata in a flash using your own custom coding system, to instantly filtering top plays by team, player, type, or period with the intelligent search engine, managing your assets with 3Play 3P1 is fast, efficient, and a fraction of the work from ingest to archive.

Coverage and Capture

Take advantage of unprecedented freedom in planning your coverage, then capture every angle of the action to high-quality, full-resolution QuickTime® files. Supporting input both locally via SDI and over IP from any location on your network via NDI®, plus synchronized, continuous recording of 4 simultaneous video channels, 3Play 3P1 introduces game-changing possibilities for positioning cameras and acquiring content.

Replay and Play Review

Present your audiences with the best view of cool, critical, and controversial plays—in real time, slow motion, or frame-by-frame—with 2 independent output channels deliverable both locally via SDI and over IP to any NDI® destination on your network. With outputs optionally combining for a switcher-style program-preview workflow, the ability to change angles while playback is progress, and support for video layering to include stacking live feeds and replay perspectives, 3Play 3P1 effortlessly accommodates your distinct brand of replay.

Social Media Integration

Take over timelines and feeds without leaving the live environment, sharing real-time highlights and screencaps directly from 3Play 3P1 to your social media accounts. Upload the best shots and clips to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more—complete with comments and hashtags—and provide instant updates for fans and followers on their computers and mobile devices.

Multi-Purpose Video Server

Play to your strengths, using the built-in video server to cue, assemble, package, and deliver content in a variety of ways. With intuitive player controls, editing tools, selectable transitions, playlist effects, customizable settings, and presets, you have everything you need to go to work on game footage for instant replay, and turn out auto-advancing highlights, live-edited cut-ups, stacked sponsor blocks, and much more.

Next-Level Automation

Experience new levels of efficiency and productivity with a comprehensive macro automation system that allows you to record, store, edit, and automate your favorite settings and custom command sequences. And with the flexibility to run macros from any combination of compatible control interfaces and support for cross-platform automation, you can outfit your workflow to available equipment and personnel.

Studio-Grade Video Tools

Enhance your presentation with a collection of tools designed for network-style sports production right out of the box. From downstream keying to apply titles, graphics, stats, sponsor logos, and more; to custom animated transitions, motion graphics, and visual effects that up your production value; to manual and automatic color correction settings for real-time adjustments to variable lighting conditions, 3Play 3P1 is ready to realize your vision and rise to every challenge.

3Play 3P1 Control Panel

Run every sports production with the confidence of a team captain. With a professional hardware panel included, 3Play 3P1 brings blazing speed and airtight control to the operator’s chair so you can read, react, and replay in record time.

User Experience

Keep your eye on the ball with fully adjustable single-screen or multi-screen monitoring. With two configurable multiviewers, selectable workspace layouts, customizable viewports, multi-angle replay preview windows, visual indicators, language localization, and more, you can easily personalize the 3Play 3P1 environment to your preference.

Video Input 4 x simultaneous external video inputs, supporting any combination of compatible sources
Network Video Input 4 x resolution-independent IP video inputs via NDI®
SDI Video Input 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI connections supporting video input in any combination of standard formats, resolutions, and frame rates1
  • 1080p: 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.976
  • 1080i: 59.94, 50
  • 720p: 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.976
  • 576i 50
  • 480i 59.94
Video Output 2 x session-format video outputs, with simultaneous delivery via IP and SDI
Network Video Output 2 x session-format IP video outputs via NDI®
SDI Video Output 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI connections supporting redundant delivery of 2x session-format video outputs
Multiviewer Output
  • 1 x DVI user interface with multiviewer
  • 1 x HDMI multiviewer
  • 1 x DisplayPort multiviewer
Recording 4 x simultaneous recording channels
Recording Format QuickTime® (XDCAM HD compatible, 4:2:2 encoding, 24-bit audio, with timecode)2
Storage 3 x 3TB internal drive (capacity varies by format, resolution and file specification)
Grab Grab full-resolution, deinterlaced still images from inputs and outputs
Export Export video and image files to social media, FTP, local or external volumes, and network servers, with optional transcoding
DSK 1 x DSK channel per output, with independent source selection and transition
Transitions Supports custom transitions between output channels and playlist clips
Telestration Integrated NDI® Telestrator Pro technology supporting real-time telestration and transport control from compatible devices over the network
Asset Management Asset management system supporting metadata entry, tagging, filtering, organization, navigation, bookmarking, and integration with compatible MAM platforms
Local Audio Input 4 x SDI embedded
1 x Balanced XLR stereo pair (Line)
3 x Balanced 1/4” stereo pairs (Line)
Local Audio Output 4 x SDI embedded
1 x Balanced XLR stereo pair
1 x Balanced 1/4” stereo pair
1 x Stereo 1/4" (phones)
Network Audio Native support for network audio input and output via NDI®
Processing Video: Floating Point YCbCr +A 4:4:4:4
Audio: Floating Point, 96 kHz
Throughput Latency Throughput Latency~1.0-1.5 frames
A/V Standards
  • 3G-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 424M (Level A)
  • HD-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 292M
  • SD video conforms to SMPTE 259M and ITU-R BT.656
  • Analog audio levels conform to SMPTE RP-155
Genlock Genlock input supporting SD (Bi-level) or HD (Tri-level) reference signals
Macros Record, store, edit, and automate commands and user-configured operation sequences, including support for cross-platform automation between supported systems
AMP Supports Advanced Media Protocol for remote control via compatible third-party production systems
GPI Supports GPI signals via JLCooper Electronics eBox GPI interface
MIDI Support for standard MIDI protocol enabling third-party device control
System Drive 120GB SSD
NIC 2 x 1 Gigabit NIC
System Physical 3Play 3P1 2RU chassis with 400W PSU and multi-tiered hardware and software fail-safe
  • 19.0 x 3.5 x 19.57 in (48.3 x 8.9 x 49.7 cm) with rack ears attached
  • ~ 26 lbs (~12 kg)

3Play 3P1 (Redundant Power Option) 3RU chassis with 500W redundant PSU and multi-tiered hardware and software fail-safe
  • 19.0 x 5.25 x 19.57 in (48.3 x 13.34 x 49.7 cm) with rack ears attached
  • ~ 34 lbs (~15 kg)

NewTek 3Play 3P1 Backplane (2RU)

NewTek 3Play 3P1 Backplane (3RU)

Complete Sports Production

Engineered with a purpose and built with a commitment to ensuring you have everything you need for professional sports production, NewTek 3Play® systems provide the most comprehensive set of tools and capabilities—and the most value for your investment—of any video replay solution.

*Features and capabilities as described are applicable to all 3Play models, unless otherwise noted, and are subject to change without notice. For detailed information regarding features and capabilities for individual 3Play models, please refer to their respective product User Guides available here.



Set timecode markers to quickly navigate to key moments during recorded events, independent of marked In and Out points.


Locate relevant clips and events quickly and easily, filtering content using keywords and metadata.

List Organization

Organize content to preference with multiple Clips List and Play List pages, arranging assets by team, player, play type, time period, and more.

MAM Platform Integration*

Integrate with compatible Media Asset Management (MAM) platforms for shared use and management of stored media assets.


Enter text notes and descriptions for assets to easily identify, organize, and manage content.


Save time and effort tagging replay events, entering detailed metadata with fewer keystrokes by using custom numeric codes for keywords and phrases.


Audio Configuration

Designate the sound that accompanies each video input for capture, with independent configuration of audio channel and input type.

Mix-and-Match Audio Connections

Use any combination of supported digital, analog, and network audio devices to input and output high-quality audio.


Automatic Replay Recording

Activate recording automatically when you set your first Mark In or Mark Out point.

Multi-Channel Recording

Capture every angle of live action for instant replay, playback, or archive, recording multiple, native-resolution video channels simultaneously.

Redundant Capture Mode*

Protect critical footage and accelerate post-production workflows with a redundant capture mode that optionally creates duplicate recordings of up to four video channels using auxiliary storage.

Synchronized, Continuous Capture

Record footage from all active video channels continuously, simultaneously, and in perfect sync, until you manually deactivate recording.


Auto Color*

Optionally enable automatic color matching between video inputs to account for variable lighting conditions and camera settings.

Proc Amp Controls

Individually adjust color characteristics and levels for each input source, including brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation.

Recording Options

Choose the destination drive for each active recording and other assets associated with your 3Play session.


Configure and store the framework and assets for your productions, including the video standard and resolution, input and output configuration, and more.

Session Templates*

Set up and store session settings with your user preferences in reusable templates—and jump right to your custom configuration for any production.

White Balance

Ensure accurate color properties for your video with manual and automatic white balance controls.


Control Panels*

Take a hands-on approach to operation with companion hardware control panels that map to the user interface.

Event Marking

Start and end events and clips at the exact frame you want with pinpoint Mark In and Mark Out controls.


Record, store, and automate favorite settings, frequent commands, and complex operation sequences, triggering with a single action.

MIDI Support*

Optionally connect any of thousands of compatible MIDI devices to extend macro control and to integrate video operations with other MIDI-compatible live production elements like sound, lighting, and effects.

Program-Preview Workflow*

Sequence and switch between output channels using your choice of transitions, and set up and see the composition of your next shot before you take it live to air.

Transport Controls

Use a simple set of familiar controls to manage playback and list functions, including Play, Stop, Previous, and Next.

User Interface

Operate with point-and-click simplicity, with a dedicated software user interface and the included USB mouse and keyboard.

Web Interface*

Optionally enable control from the browser of any supported device on the same network with a system-specific Web-based interface.



Industry-standard SDI input and output connectivity with support for 3G, HD, and SD video formats.

AMP Support*

Enable compatible third-party systems supporting AMP (Advanced Media Protocol) to issue commands to 3Play for more fluid and sophisticated workflows.


Synchronize the timing with other equipment in your production environment using an external reference signal.

Mix-and-Match Video Inputs

Connect video cameras or devices of any supported connection type, resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio, with per-input configuration.

Mix-and-Match Video Outputs

Configure video outputs for any combination of supported signals and connection types.

Rackmount Chassis*

Industry-standard rackmount chassis integrate into any professional production environment, setup, or workflow.

Router Support*

Select and switch between router sources directly from the user interface when connected to a compatible upstream video router.

Scores and Statistics*

Display real-time scores and statistics in on-screen graphics using compatible network graphics solutions.


Import, record, and store hours of video, images, graphics, and more for your production using supported storage methods.


Native IP Processing

True IP production, with software-driven processing maintaining native resolution of every signal from input to output and eliminating the need for conversion to and from baseband video.


Send and receive video, audio, and data over IP to and from compatible production systems, devices, and applications across a network with integrated Network Device Interface (NDI) technology.


Multi-Angle Clip Preview*

Preview every angle of recorded events simultaneously with full-time, full-motion clip monitors available for display within the user interface or multiviewer.


Monitor the multiple input and output signals in your production simultaneously with viewports built into the user interface, and optionally extend monitoring to additional displays.

Production Clocks

View the system clock, generate and display local timecode, and set start and end times for your video program, including countdown, to time productions precisely.

Visual Indicators

Obtain real-time feedback from a variety of on-screen visual indicators to easily assess the status of production activities.


Configure the multiviewers to display the desired type, quantity, and arrangement of video signals with a variety of layout presets.


Animation Buffers*

Load multiple video loops, motion graphics, and animations into dedicated memory slots for instant recall and playback.

Background Audio

Import audio files, songs, and sound effects to provide background music and audio for clips and highlights.


Load multiple images, graphics, and titles into dedicated memory slots for instant recall and overlay.


Grab full-resolution still images from your video program for real-time export and post-production use.

Media Playback

Store and playback short-form and long-form video clips, motion graphics, and packages of virtually any file format.

Play List Effects

Add transitions between Play List items and combine real-time, slow-mo, and fast-mo with per-clip playback speed settings.

Titles and Graphics

Store and display titles, graphics, photos, and images of virtually any file format.


Backup and Restore*

Protect your system against unforeseen hardware and software issues, using a comprehensive system restore function to return your system to factory defaults or creating a bootable clone of the system drive on an external drive for backup.

Multi-Tiered Failsafe

Ensure productions continue through unexpected circumstances with multiple, redundant failsafe mechanisms that monitor and resolve error conditions with minimal disruption.

Redundant Power*

Safeguard system availability with redundant, removable power supplies included with 4RU system hardware.


Launch your session in any of the supported interlaced or progressive scan resolutions and frame rates, including 3G, HD, and SD selections.

Signal Processing

Maintain signal quality from end to end with video and images processed at their native resolution—no up conversion or down conversion required.


Clip Playback

Capture and mark live action to create events, then replay clips from multiple angles.

Dual Output Channels

Output live video, replays, recordings, stored media, and more using two fully independent, simultaneous output channels.

List Playback

Create highlight reels, clip sequences, or blocks of content, then hit play to roll from one video to the next automatically.

Live Output

Send any incoming video signal directly to one or both output channels to supply a live feed to downstream displays or production systems.

Multi-Speed Playback

Choose to replay captured clips or roll imported media in real time or at variable playback speeds.

NDI® Output

Supply both output channels to the network via NDI, allowing other NDI-enabled devices connected to the network to use the signals for input or delivery.

Simultaneous HD/SD Output

Output video in both standard and high definition simultaneously with configurable output resolutions.

Simultaneous SDI/IP Output

Output video to local and network destinations at the same time, with outputs configurable for simultaneous SDI and IP delivery.

Slow Motion Playback

Replay the action at half-speed, quarter-speed and more with smooth, interpolated slow motion.


Delay the broadcast of live productions or video feeds, initiating playback of active recordings seconds, minutes, or even hours after recording starts.


Auto Queue*

Optionally enable media designated for sharing to be uploaded and exported to publishing destinations automatically.

File Export*

Live export media from your production for local or remote collaboration, delivering to FTP sites, or copying to local or external storage locations, including network servers.

Social Media Export*

Login and publish media to popular social media accounts directly from your system, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Set new in and out points for video clips you plan to share to change the duration or edit for content.


First Replay Telestration*

Perform live telestration and remote playback from any compatible connected device, with support for annotation, custom graphics, and transport control.


Compatible NewTek Products

Add to your existing workflow or create an entirely new one, building around 3Play with a range of seamlessly compatible, software-driven production solutions.

Developer Network

Outfit your live production ecosystem with partner solutions from a growing list of companies and developers that have integrated their products with NewTek live production systems through NewTek’s SDK program.

Professional Services

Leverage NewTek’s expertise in video production technology and workflows to support your installation, workflow design, systems engineering, and automation programming, as well as production development, project coordination, on-site training and assistance, and more.


Obtain premium coverage for all areas of your equipment needs, including expert assistance, product replacement, top-priority 24/7 access, and rapid response. Available only in the continental US with restrictions.

SDK Program

Access the tools needed to build applications and products that integrate with and augment 3Play to serve production needs.


Receive assistance from an experienced, highly trained team of specialists via free phone support, email, and live chat, or utilize online FAQs and knowledge bases for product education and troubleshooting.

Updates, Upgrades and Trade-Ups

Download and install free system updates, add new capabilities with optional add-ons and premium software, and receive credit towards a new model when trading in your existing hardware.

Video Training

Learn about basic and advanced operation with online training videos, including useful tips, tricks, and more that can make production easier and more efficient.


Animated Transitions*

Select from a variety of included animation store transitions or create custom transition effects, embedding branding, logos, and other visuals into full-color animated overlays with sound effects.

Play List Transitions

Roll from clip to clip in the Play List using cuts, or optionally insert transitions between clips for added effect.

Program-Preview Transitions*

Transition between A and B outputs using custom effects or hundreds of industry-standard wipes, dissolves, trajectories, and more.

Real-Time Layering*

Apply titles, graphics, and animations to live output and video playback, layer one playback angle over another for picture-in-picture replay, or capture the game clock and layer over playback for official review.

Warping Effects*

Generate animated transitions with sophisticated video effects, like real-time cloth dynamics, 3D warping, and transformations.


Channel Info

View critical information about the signal currently assigned to the output channels, including the control mode, timecode, playback speed and more.

File Format Interoperability

Work with a wide range of stored media file formats natively and interchangeably, including video, images, graphics, and audio, with optional transcoding to optimize real-time performance.

Media Browser

Use a familiar browser interface to explore and select media, transitions, and effects from accessible storage locations.

Media Export

Easily convert and export media files from your production, including batch export, with file format preset and destination configurable per asset.

Media Import

Easily import and optionally transcode media assets, including batch import, with files automatically categorized according to type and assigned to the appropriate locations for production use.

Play List Export

Build a sequence of clips or a highlight reel in the Play List, then render as a single file available for playback from the Clips List and export for transfer or archive.

Real-Time Production Engine

Simultaneously perform the combined functions of multiple individual components in a single, all-in-one integrated production platform with high-performance system architecture.


Time productions, cue video files, synchronize and log recorded media, and more, using multiple timecode fields and settings.

Video Codecs

Download and install free codecs for Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® OS X platforms to enhance media file compatibility between your system and third-party software applications.