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Today, NewTek continues to be a change-agent in the video industry, leading the shift to IP video workflows with the NewTek IP Series and NDI® (Network Device Interface).Software-driven, modular video production system with virtually limitless access to video sources and video mixing options. The NewTek IP Series is the first large production system designed for IP video.

NewTek introduced TriCaster®, the most complete multi-camera video production system, giving content creators solutions to create their own network-level shows and stream them directly to audiences. Everything you need to create, stream, broadcast and publish professional video programs in one turnkey system.
NewTek Products

Live Production System

With video now readily accessible on screens large and small, anywhere and everywhere, audiences are no longer satisfied with limited options that require appointment viewing—they have come to expect more content, on more screens, all on demand.

NewTek IP series

Newtek Tricaster

NewTek TriCaster systems put an entire suite of media production capabilities at your fingertips. You can make anything from keynote presentations and webcasts to online training and sporting events look amazing with quality, consistency and efficiency.

NewTek TriCaster TC1

TriCaster TC1

The most complete production system available today, TriCaster TC1 represents the continued innovation of the iconic product that defined an industry. Designed with the way you work in mind and equipped with hundreds of advanced production capabilities, it has everything you need to do video your way today—and tomorrow.

NewTek Products

TriCaster TC410 Plus

TriCaster® TC410 Plus is an integrated video production system designed to create multi-platform productions live and on-demand. Your shows will be polished, engaging to viewers through social and second-screen experiences, deliver revenue opportunities, and extend your brand. TriCaster 410 Plus is scaled for smaller racks and mobile units and gives you an end-to-end IP workflow from acquisition to delivery.

NewTek IP Series

TriCaster Mini 4K

Present your audience with an immersive viewing experience defined by amazing clarity and incredible detail. Produce programs, performances, events and live sports in the resolution of your choice, all the way up to true 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition)+

NewTek Products

TriCaster Mini SDI/HDMI

Produce and publish extraordinary video content for screens and audiences of all sizes with the most complete, compact multimedia studio in the world—TriCaster® Mini Advanced.

Newtek VMC

For today’s productions. And tomorrow’s changing demands. VMC1 merges NewTek’s proven software-driven live production approach with power, efficiency, and flexibility – enabling you to create for all types of digital media programs and platforms.

Newtek Premium Access

Your subscription to Premium Access assures that you get the most power and flexibility out of your software-driven, live production system. You always have immediate access to the latest innovations, advanced tools, and technology updates for your NewTek production solution.

Newtek Control Surfaces

Each NewTek TriCaster® and 3Play® system supports a companion control surface that is purpose-designed for maximum live production functionality and recommended for the optimal user experience. Most control surfaces are compatible with other models for convenience, but you may encounter workflow limitations.

NewTek TalkShow Products

Skype for Business - TalkShow Products

Live Skype interviews that look great—and sound amazing. Video calling for professional production workflows.

NewTek Talkshow VS 4000

Talkshow VS 4000

Multi-channel video calling, with broadcast-quality production control.

NewTek Talkshow VS 100

Talkshow VS 100

Premium production capabilities for professional-grade Skype calls.

NewTek TalkShow Products

Network Recording

Infuse your production workflow with video capture capabilities equivalent to racks of expensive recording hardware with a single user-friendly application. With NewTek IsoCorder Pro, up to 16 simultaneous video signals can be captured from any combination of hundreds of compatible hardware, software, and IP sources.

NewTek Talkshow VS 4000

Remote Storage

From providing instant access to an expansive library of stored media assets, to enabling essential and extended recording sessions, to supporting hours upon hours of content for archive, on-demand, and post-production, shared remote storage is a principal requirement in today’s live production environments.

NewTek Products

IsoCorder Pro

Infuse your production workflow with video capture capabilities equivalent to racks of expensive recording hardware with a single user-friendly application. With NewTek IsoCorder Pro, up to 16 simultaneous video signals can be captured from any combination of hundreds of compatible hardware, software, and IP sources.

NewTek Products

Camera Solutions

Identify any compatible camera. Anywhere on your network.

NewTek Products


Meet the world’s first NDI®|HX PTZ camera with Ultra High Definition (UHD) video. A precision engineered camera offering smooth PTZ action, a state-of-the-art Sony sensor and video, audio, control, tally and power with a single cable.

NewTek Products

NDI PTZ Camera

Simply connect to any Ethernet port. THAT’S IT. Your camera is now a source for all NDI compatible systems and software on your network.

NewTek Products

NDI |HX 3rd Party Cameras

Automatically detect your camera as an NDI source on the network. Simply connect to any Ethernet port. THAT’S IT.

NewTek Products

NDI Camera for Mobile

Imagine adding a new video camera to your production with the affordability, convenience and ease of a mobile device app download. NewTek NDI® Camera application turns any iOS or Android™ mobile device into an IP-ready live video source when connected to the same network as your NDI-compatible receiving device or production system.

NewTek Products

NDI Capture for Mobile

Have your wireless, real-time, full frame-rate, and up to 4K resolution content delivered to any NDI enabled production systems-OBS, XSplit, Wirecast, TriCaster and more.

NewTek Products

Video Replay - 3Play Family

Venues looking to enhance the event atmosphere and extend their brands online, or broadcasters engaging audiences at home and increasing program exposure—anyone can use NewTek 3Play to make small events look like network-style shows and turn large events into experiences that audiences will never forget.

NewTek Products

3Play 3P1

The World’s Most Complete Sports Production System
3Play 3P1 is the most cost-effective, easy-to-use, and powerful IP replay solution in the world.

NewTek 3Play 4800

3Play 4800

3Play 4800 is the most complete, integrated sports production solution available for broadcasters, pro leagues and teams, and large venues

NewTek 3Play 425

3Play 425

3Play 425 makes professional instant replay and slow motion available to everyone who previously thought it simply out of reach.

NewTek Products

NDI Telestrator

Put your fingerprints on any NDI video source and introduce a whole new dimension to your commentary, analysis, and storytelling. With NewTek Telestrator, you can enhance productions, presentations, and video communications with real-time, on-screen illustrations that inform, educate, and entertain your audiences.

NewTek Products

Media Distribution - Media DS

The MediaDS is a revolutionary real-time media encoding and live streaming video delivery platform—the first integrated production system establishing a direct link between the producers who create the content and the viewers that consume it.

NewTek Products


NewTek LivePanel™, the new face of a modern IP video workflow that makes it easier for more people to have control of the live production process.

NewTek Products

Video Connectivity - Newtek Connect

Outfit your studio, facility, or pipeline according to your production needs now—and be ready as they change in the future. Versatile functionality ranging from SDI to IP video conversion and I/O channel expansion, to 4K UHD 60p connectivity and IP interoperability.

NewTek Products

Connect Pro

Transform your workflow, adding channels and emerging technologies with the only universal IP video translation solution—NewTek Connect Pro. A four-channel software application supporting any combination of formats and standards to include NDI®, ASPEN, and SMPTE 2022

NewTek Products

Studio Input Module

The NewTek NC1 Studio Input Module is a flexible extension of your studio, facility, and pipeline, making it possible to add new input sources to your production from any location on your network—and entirely new dimensions to your workflow.

NewTek Products

Studio I/O Module

From increasing your available inputs and outputs, to merging established and emerging technologies, to linking locations across your network, the NewTek NC1 Studio I/O Module is a universal solution that adapts to your production needs.

NewTek Products

Newtek Spark Family

The NewTek Spark™ family of video IP converters enable you to directly connect your existing systems and devices, and have them instantly available as NDI® compatible sources on your network at resolutions up to 4K UHD 60p. IT’S THAT EASY.

NewTek Products

Newtek Broadcast Graphics

NewTek Broadcast Graphic solutions are designed to help you get more out of your live production, making your workflow easier, faster, and more visually impressive.

NewTek Products

Newtek-Vizrt IP Graphics Server

Take your production value to the next level with the NVG1 NewTek-Vizrt IP Graphics Server. A powerful 1RU turnkey video system, it combines NewTek’s software-driven video technology with Vizrt’s industry-leading Viz Trio™ character generator and Viz Engine™ compositing software to deliver the highest-quality CG and motion graphics into any production.

NewTek Products

Newtek Virtual Set Editor

Realize your vision for a professional-looking studio – wherever you want it. With a simple setup, a few square feet of space, and Virtual Set Editor, you can transform any location into a spectacular virtual environment that dramatically raises your production value and adds instant credibility to your presentation.

NewTek Products

Newtek LiveText

Transform any PC on your network into a dedicated titling station for TriCaster® productions. The must-have companion application for fast-paced, graphics-heavy, or data-driven productions, LiveText lets you share the workload with standalone title creation and operation.

NewTek Products


Real-Time Motion Graphics for Live Production with TriCaster® TC1 and NewTek IP Series. Create and present spectacular real-time motion graphics that enhance your production and emphasize your brand with NewTek LiveGraphics™. Available exclusively through Premium Access.

NewTek Products

Content Packs

Avoid the time and effort of developing your own creative elements or the expense of enlisting a designer to create them for you. NewTek content packs provide an instant professional touch that enhances the look and feel of your productions—easily and affordably.